Ammonium Tetrathiotungstate

ammonium tetrathiotungstate photo

Chinese Name: 四硫代钨酸铵
CAS Number: 13862-78-7
Molecular Weight: 348.17700
Density: 2.71 g/mL at 25℃(lit.)

Producing Method
The preparation method of ammonium tetrathiotungstate (NH4)2WS4 is prepared by the reaction of tungstate and ammonium sulfide (NH4) 2s solution.
Below are the details steps:
1)Dissolve ammonium tungstate (NH4)6W7O24.4H2O with ammonia, the amount of concentrated ammonia used is: concentrated ammonia/ammonium metatungstate=1~2/1 (ml/g);
2)Then react with ammonium sulfide (NH4)2s solution, the molar ratio of the two is: S/W=4~6/1, the reaction temperature is: room temperature ~ 90 ℃, the reaction time is: 0.5~3 hours, static crystallization time is: 8~24 hours;
3)Finally, the crystals are filtered, washed with water and ethanol, and dried at room temperature to obtain the target product, ammonium tetrathiotungstate (NH4) 2WS4.
This preparation method can produce high-purity ammonium tetrathiotungstate, in which the amount of ammonium sulfide is close to the stoichiometric amount required to produce ammonium tetrathiotungstate, the reaction conditions are alleviated, the reaction time is greatly shortened, the waste discharge is less, and the product yield is high with high purity, and no need to deal with highly toxic and odorous hydrogen sulfide gas.