Tungstate Use

Tungstate Picture

Tungstate usually used as multifunctional material, calcium tungstate is important X-ray emitting material, tungstate used for the preparation of dyes, pigments and the like.

Sodium tungstate is mainly used to produce ammonium paratungstate and deep processing of tungsten trioxide, tungsten metal, tungsten carbide, tungsten bar, tungsten wire, etc., also be used to preparation of Tungstate, tungsten acid and other tungsten compounds used in petroleum chemical, plating, textiles, flame retardants, water, dyes, pigments, inks, etc..

Calcium tungstate is a very important chemical raw materials, mainly for the production of ammonium paratungstate, tungsten trioxide, ferro tungsten, steel, tungsten carbide, tungsten metal, tungsten wire, tungsten alloys and other tungsten products.

Ammonium tungstate is raw material used for manufacturing of ammonium tungstate phosphate and other tungsten compounds.

Cobalt tungstate used as a pigment, enamel, ink, paint coloring, also used as drying agents and seismic agent.

Cadmium tungstate can be used as fluorescent paint, X-ray screen, scintillation counter, phosphor, organic catalyst.