Lead Tungstate

Lead Tungstate Picture

Chinese Name:钨酸铅

CAS Number:7759-01-5

Chemical Formula:PbWO4

Molecular Weight:455.03800

Exact Weight:455.90700

Nuclear powder is environmental friendly and of low pollution, proper use of nuclear powder is the important direction of modern use for world's energy. But ionizing radiation can happen during the use of equipment in nuclear station. There should be sufficient protection for the radiation. The required amount for lead tungstate is increasing. In the past, PbO is often used as padding filler for various antiradiation material, the gloves, clothes, hats which has the anti radiation property for γ ray. But PbO can do harm for human and environment. To improve the property of product, WO3 is used to take place of PbO in and abroad. But the gloves or clothes made by WO3 is of low anti radiation capability.

Using lead tungstate(PbWO4) as filler material can greatly improve the antiradiation property of product. Grain size of lead tungstate can affect the anti radiation property. After lead tungstate is used as filler material into protection implement, the smaller of its grain size, the evener its distributor will be, the better of its protection capability. So it's better to have the lead tungstate of smaller grain size. To study the proper synthesis method, control the process conditions is vital to obtain finer grain size and uniformed lead tungstate.

Producing Method

Tungsten powder and lead oxide reacting under high temperature, or by heating tungsten powder and PbO2 can obtain lead tungstate.