Cerium Tungstate

Cerium Tungstate Picture

Chinese Name:钨酸铈

CAS Number:13454-74-5

Chemical Formula:Ce2O12W3

Molecular Weight:1023.74000

Exact Weight:1023.60000

Physical Property

1.Property: yellow tetragonal


3.Solubility: Insoluble in water

Ecological data

Usually it isn't hazardous to water, do not allow discharge into environment without government's permission.


Stable under room temperature and pressure.

Avoided material: acid and alkali. yellow tetragonal, relative density is 6.77, melting point is 1089 ℃, has ferromagnetic under 30K.

Storage Method

Airtight at room temperature and a cool and dry place.

Synthetic Method

Mix Ce2O3、CeO2 and WO3 together and then heat to obtain cerium tungstate.