Silver Tungstate

Silver Tungstate Picture

Chinese Name:钨酸银

Chemical Formula:AgWO4

Molecular Weight:463.57400

Exact Weight:461.74100


1. Characteristics: light yellow crystal or powder.

2. Solubility: Soluble in nitric acid, ammonia and potassium cyanide solution.

3. Can be easily reduced, but not strong oxidant, react with sulfide hydrogen can produce tungsten sulfide. Can be decomposed by nitrate into white tungstic acid.

Storage Method

Sealed at room temperature, keep it in cool and dry place.

Synthesis Method

Produced by reaction between sodium tungstate and silver nitrate or WO3 and silver oxide.


Mainly used in catalyst, electronic and chemical industry.

Ecological Effect

Harmful to water, do not make contact with groundwater or sewage system or pour into environment without government's permission.