Zinc Tungstate

Zinc Tungstate Picture

Chinese Name:钨酸锆

CAS Number:16853-74-0

Chemical Formula:ZrW2O8 (O8W2Zr)

Molecular Weight:586.89900

Exact Weight:585.76600


Application:It has important applications on an integrated circuit, optics, aerospace engines, dental materials, sensors .

Zirconium tungstate compound

Zirconium tungstate compound within 0. 3 ~ 1 050 K temperature range showed a significant isotropic negative thermal expansion characteristics, which received extensive attention. First with the co-precipitation method ZrW2O8 compound precursor powder, and then by the low temperature heat treatment and 1 200 ℃, 2 h composite into a high-purity compound ZrW2O8, finally melt pressure impregnation prepared to ZrW2O8 / 6013Al composites. After X-ray diffraction analysis, optical microscopy and analysis, and thermal expansion cytometry, we found that the composite material has a high density, ZrW2O8 large volume fraction (80%), low coefficient of expansion (3 × 10- 6 / K), etc., and aluminum alloy (thermal expansion coefficient of 23. 4 × 10- 6 K- 1) compared to the greatly improved thermal properties, has good prospects.