Copper Tungstate

Copper Tungstate Picture

Chinese Name:钨酸铜

CAS Number:13587-35-4

Chemical Formula:CuWO4

Molecular Weight:311.38400

Exact Weight:310.86000


Characteristics: Light gray,Octahedron, red when hitting the melting point.


Stable at room temperature and pressure, avoid light, fire and high temperature. Solubility is 0.1g/100ml H2O under 15 degree celsius. Disolve in ammonia, slightly soluble in acid, insoluble in ethanol, decomposed in inorganic acid.

Synthesis method

High temperature synthesis reaction between CuO and WO3. Copper tungstate has a structural distortion of wolframite.


CuWO4 is an n-type semiconductor material, widely used as a laser host material, scintillation detectors, optical fibers and an electrode material photolysis of water.

Coopper Tungstate Gas Sensor Producing Method

1.Preparation of gas sensor electrode tube. Mixing copper tungstate powder with binder, and grind into sizing agent, then coating the sizing outside the AL2O3 ceramic tube, annealing for 24 hours under 400~500 degree celsius, the gas sensitive electrode tube is obtained.

2.Preparation of copper tungstate by gas sensor electrode tube. Welding, electrical aging, then packing the gas sensor electrode tube to obtain the copper tungstate gas sensor.