Calcium Tungstate

Calcium Tungstate Picture

Chinese Name:钨酸钙

Chemical Formula:CaWO4

Molecular Weight:287.93

CAS NO.:7790-75-2



Calcium tungstate is white powder which has tetragonal structure, the apparent density is 6.062, it can be slightly dissolved in water and ammonium chloride solution. It may dissolve in hydrochloric acid.


Calcium tungstate is an important chemical raw material. It can be used to produce APT, WO3, Ferro Tungsten, Tungsten carbide, tungsten wires and other tungsten alloy products. It can also be used as fluorescent paint, photography Guangping tube, medicine, X-ray photographs and fluorescent lighting.

Producing Methods:

1.Mixing sodium tungstate with sodium sulfide, dissoving with water, adding with zinc chloride aqueous solution, dealing the filtrate with calcium chloride, then calcium tungstate is obtained.

2.Reaction of calcium oxide or calcium hydroxide in carbonate solution would obtain calcium tungstate.

3.Calcinating tungsten trioxide and calcium carbonate under 1070 degree celsius.