Cesium Tungstate

Cesium Tungstate Picture

Chinese Name:钨酸铯

CAS Number:13587-19-4

Chemical Formula:Cs2WO4

Molecular Weight:513.64900

Exact Weight:513.74100


Cesium tungstate is colorless crystals, with strong hygroscopic, the phase transition occurs at 536 ℃, transition from orthorhombic to hexagonal crystal. It is insoluble in water.

Synthetic Method

Cesium tungstate is obtained by the reaction between CsCl and Ag2WO4


1,Usually it is slightly harmful to water. Cesium tungstate can be soluble in water and react acid and alkali which will result in pollution to environment.

2,Cesium tungstate has acute toxicity, it may cause irritant effect. It may cause inflammation if contact with skin and eyes.

Thus during the storage, it should be placed under normal temperature and pressure, avoid to get contact with water, acid and alkali. Ensure that it is placed in a cool, ventilated place to avoid accidental contact and result in harm.