Potassium Tungstate

Potassium Tungstate Picture

Chinese Name:钨酸钾;钨酸钾二水合物;钨酸钾二水(>98%,BR);


Chemical Formula:K2O4W

Molecular Weight:326.03

CAS Number:7790-60-5


Characteristics: White or colorless crystalline powder, monoclinic structure.

Density(g/mL 25oC):3.12

Melting Point(oC):921

Solubility(mg/mL) :Soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol

Solubility in water(g/100ml)

Dissolving amount per 100ml water: 51.5g/20℃


Can be used as analysis reagent, precipitation for alkaloid, and producing tungsten and bronze.

Synthesis Method

Mix K2Cr2O7 with tungsten powder, can heat to 1700 degree celsius within 0.1~0.2s, potassium tungstate and chromium sesquioxide. Reaction between W and KOH solution can obtain:


W and KOH solution: no reaction without oxygen, K2WO4 can be obtained with oxygen.

Storage Method

Sealed in storage tools. Keep in dry and cool place.

Ecological Effect

Harmful to water, do not make contact with groundwater or sewage system or pour into environment without government's permission.