Tungsten Silicide

Tungsten Silicide Picture

Chinese Name:硅化钨

CAS Number:12039-88-2

Chemical Formula:Si2W

Molecular Weight:240.01100

Exact Weight:239.90500


Characteristics: blue-grey powder crystalline, odorless.

Density:9.88 g/cm3

Melting Point:900ºC

Insoluble in water, soluble in nitrate and hydrofluoric acid solution. It can be used to make anti-oxidation coating layer and the resistance wire poultice.

Producing Method:

(1)Mix tungsten powder and silica powder under mole ratio 1:2, titanium powder and graphite powder under mole ratio 1:1, then stir it evenly.

(2)Input W-SI powder in the middle of crucible and Ti-C powder between W-Si and crucible. Then pour Ti-C mixed powder on the top.

(3)Input the crucible into a sealed reactor, after vacuumizing, inflate with argon, energize the tungsten wire to bring up reaction.

(4)After cooling down, seperate carbon titanium and tungsten silicide. Carbon titanium and tungsten silicide powder is obtained after crushing.