Lithium Tungstate

Lithium Tungstate Picture

Chinese Name:钨酸锂

CAS Number:13568-45-1

Chemical Formula:Li2O4W

Molecular Weight:261.72000

Exact Weight:261.96300


1、Characteristics:has BeSiO3 stone lattice, it is colorless triangle crystal;


3、Solubility: soluble

4、Stable under room temperature and pressure;

2、Avoid light, fire and high temperature;

3、Soluble in water, easy to decompose in acid, insoluble in ethanol. Can be reducted into tungsten bronze by H2 under 500~800 degree celsius. WO2 is obtained after heating to 600 degree celsius. The final product is W.

Ecogical Data

Harmful to water, do not make contact with groundwater or sewage system or pour into environment without government's permission.

Storage Method

Sealed in cool and dry place.

Synthesis Method

Disolving WO3 in Li(OH) or Li2CO3 can obtain Li2WO4.