Zinc Tungstate

Zinc Tungstate Picture

Chinese Name:钨酸锌

CAS Number:13597-56-3

Chemical Formula:ZnWO4

Molecular Weight:313.21800

Exact Weight:311.86000


Zinc tungstate is white powder, stable under room temperature and pressure.

Zinc tungstate is widely applied in optics, phonics and magnetics as an important inorganic material. The ZnWO4 has the nano structure of auer, grain and flakes, there is seldom report about its three dimensional structure. Compared to the traditional one and two dimensional structure of which the optics, phonics and magnetics can not be easily realized, three dimensional nano material can solve this problem. Thus many scientists who study on nano structure in order to get functional nano materials so that can make the practical aplication of nano materials. Using surfactant sodium dodecyl sulfate - urea assisted hydrothermal method to prepare a three-dimensional flower-like ZnWO4 nanomaterials, due to its unique structure, it is used for the removal of copper ions in water research, showing good adsorption properties, which is expected to become an excellent adsorbent.