Magnesium Tungstate

Magnesium Tungstate Picture

Chinese Name:钨酸镁

Chemical Formula:MgWO4

Molecular Weight:272.14


CAS Number:13573-11-0


Magnesium tungstate can not be soluble in water and ethanol but acid. It is self-activated fluorescent material, it issues 253.7nm blue-white fluorescence under UV excitation, emission spectrum peak wavelength 480nm, half the width of 140nm, color coordinates x = 0.236, y = 0.301, 96% quantum number, stimulate reflection rate of 0.092, monochromatic luminous efficiency about 57.41m / W.


Magnesium tungstate can be used to produce X-ray fluorescent screen, luminous paint and fluorenscent powder.

Producing Method

1. Magnesium tungstate can be calcinated under 1000 degree celsius by tungsten trioxide and magnesium oxide under content ratio 1:1.4.

2. Magnesium tungstate can also be obtained decomposition of alkali metal tungstate solution to produce WO3 and then molten reaction with carbonyl compound or metallic oxide.