Cadmium Tungstate

Cadmium Tungstate Picture

Chinese Name:钨酸镉

CAS Number:7790-85-4

Chemical Formula:CdWO4

Molecular Weight:360.24900

Exact Weight:361.83400


1.Physical property:White or yellow fluorescent crystals, with wolframite structure.

2.Melting Point(ºC):1105

3.Solubility: Dissolved in ammonium hydroxide and cyanide alkali solution, almost insoluble in water or dilute acid, solubility is 0.05g / 100mL H2O in cold water.

Synthetic Method

Stepwise temperature reaction from CdWO4 in CuO-WO3 system.


Fluorescent paint. X-ray screen. Scintillation counter. Phosphor. Organic catalysts.