Tungsten Tetraiodide

Tungsten Tetraiodide Picture

Tungsten tetraiodide is black powder, decomposed when heated but it has no fixed melting boiling point.

Name: Tungsten tetraiodide


Molecular Weight:691.458


CAS: 14055-84-6


Heating in air, tungsten tetraiodide is decomposed into WI2 and iodine. Easily hydrolyzed. Easily oxidized. In the air, easily restored by nitrogen ligand compounds, such as pyridine, acetonitrile, etc. to form the corresponding complexes.

Solubility: Decompose at the melting point, insoluble in cold water, but hot water. Soluble in ethanol, insoluble in ether, chloroform, turpentine.

Synthesis: Tungsten tetraiodide is formed by hydrogen iodide restoring tungsten hexachloride, or by the reaction between aluminum triiodide and tungsten dioxide.